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You know you’re a little crazy-attached to someone when their seemingly sad or down moods affect your own deeply.
Whenever Curt Mega seems a little down, it makes me hurt. I have so many problems dealing with facets of my life because of my struggles with social anxiety disorder, so when he seems down too, I overly sympathize and worry.
His tweets usually inspire me so much when my illness has me crushed and feeling defeated. I wish I had the ability to reciprocate the encouragement and wisdom he’s given me.
At the same time though, I respect him all the more for being able to admit that he suffers lows. More than any other person I follow I feel like he’s the most genuine. His twitter feed isn’t a heavily edited idealized version of his life. He has ups and downs and is brave and honest enough to share those feelings. It makes me feel less ashamed of my own doubts and constant fretting over my direction in life when the path seems overgrown and hard to follow.
I started following him due to Glee and my…um, fondness for a particular ship…but I will always follow him because he is just an amazing and genuine person. His happiness matters to me, even though I think that sadly I’ll never meet him. I wish I could tell him that he touches lives, and makes a difference. His tweets sometimes make the difference for me between a day where my illness confines me, and a day when I can leave my house and see all the potential the world offers that I’m normally too frightened to realize.

C’mon guys! We’ve only got a handful of days to make Brian Remus: Science Genius happen!!
Curt has almost 63k followers on twitter! We can do better than this! If even one third of them each give $1 to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lymanjohnson/brian-remus-science-genius we can make it happen for literally less than the price of a cup of coffee!!

Curt Mega is quite possibly the most wonderfully inspirational, warm, sincere and funny people that I have unfortunately not met. Yet. Someday I will descend from the snowy wastes of Canada and make it happen. But seriously, I suffer from an anxiety disorder, and I often turn to his tweets to help me gain perspective, because he speaks so eloquently about the reason why it’s important to keep fighting, keep dreaming, even when facing setbacks, even when it feels hard to keep going on in the face of overwhelming odds. He is so genuine and really gives his fans a lot of insight into himself, and engages with us. He’s a remarkable guy.

Anyways! Brian Remus is a potential webshow about the awesomeness of science, the woes of the work place, and the crazy reality of having to deal with friends and coworkers. Did I mention science? (Fun fact: It rules!)

So in summation, guys, let’s make this happen! We could all use a little more Curt in our lives. Also, think of the gifs, people. These gifs are waiting to be made, but first we need to get Brian Remus: Science Genius made. We can do it, but time is growing short.

To those that pledge, or already have, I Niff you.

Anxiety Paradox

Guy randomly tweeted me after I tweeted about Silent Hill. After an exchange of two tweets, he asks if we’re best friends now. My instincts say I should freak out, but I assume he is just trying to be funny and tweet back a noncommittal but humorous response. He doesn’t tweet back.

Now my anxiety doesn’t know what it’s supposed to be doing! It isn’t sure if the part I’m supposed to be upset about is getting his tweet, replying to his tweet, or the fact he didn’t reply to my tweet! ANXIETY SUCKS.

I pledged in the kickstarter for Brian Remus: Science Genius. On top of sounding like a totally kickass science comedy, it will feature one of my most favouritest people on the planet: Curt Mega. The tier I pledged for includes the right to get a message written on a whiteboard featured in the show. My message…well, given the primary content of my blog, it’s not hard to figure out what type of message I’d do my best to get on the show.

Go forth and make this webshow become a reality!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lymanjohnson/brian-remus-science-genius

Brian Remus: Science Genius


Brian Remus: Science Genius is a potential web series, focussing around Brian Remus. Brian gets his dream job of running his own science show at a public broadcast station, but as his dream starts to come true, he starts running into some problems.

I say potential web series, because your help is needed. The series creators need $22,000 through Kickstarter, to help fund the project, and make their dream a reality. If you would like to find out more, feel free to click on the link above. If you would like to help and get involved, please donate or spread the word to everyone you know.

Thank You

-Izzy Stevens (Brian Remus: Science Genius Fan)

Friend asked me to draw a supernaturally powered Nick to go with my Fallen Angel Jeff picture. I have no clue what power he has, but she said green fire, so…green glowy/fiery is what I produced. She said she liked it and might even write me a fanfic, so anything that might lead to more Niff and I am so on board.

Silly piece of art about my friend Amber. I worry about my tendency to be pesky with my declarations of incredibly sappy feelings heh. I need to get back on my RP tomorrow but had a slight problem with meds and emotions the past few days.
Wish I could draw Amber better. I don’t fully know her hair length or clothing style. I looked through every photo I could find…I’ll try harder next time.

…just realized that because some asshat stole and used my credit information, I can’t buy that new laptop I wanted until I get this sorted out and a new card in the mail.
Ugh. The thoughts that occur while I’m laying here trying to pretend my head isn’t splitting in two.

If you didn’t already love Curt Mega, his live tweeting of a couple breaking up in a pie shop is all the reason you could ever need. Seriously.
His tweets are the best.